"I don’t know why people say the second amendment hasn’t stopped tyrants when William McKinley caught two to the chest and Lincoln caught one in the back of the head."

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EDC Rant

I used to frequent /r/edc, and no longer do as I encountered a shit-ton of anti-gunners that would literally downvote any post with a gun and/or knife.

EDC started in the firearm community. Hence; Everyday CARRY.

No one gives a shit about your Ray Bans, Nalgene water bottle, run of the mill Seiko watch, or Saddleback wallet. No one. If you don’t at least carry a decent pocket knife and/or flashlight, I don’t want to fucking see your “EDC” pics. I sure as hell don’t want to hear your bitching about posts with guns and/or knives, which ring true to the original spirit of EDC.