Do you have any tips for reducing patterning? I have an SR9c with the compact mag and an IWB holster. I'm tall and thin (6'3 160lb) so carrying at the small of my back worked well initially but it's hard to sit down in shorts now that summer is here.

Since you’re thin, appendix carry is good for deep concealment. Seems to be the consensus from skinny dudes. Make sure you’re comfortable with your weapon and make sure to practice drawing if you do. If you happen to fuck up while drawing from appendix, shit will most likely get real hairy, as it sits pointing right at your femoraI. Don’t let it discourage you though, experts like Travis Haley highly recommend appendix carry for the perks of easy access and deep conceal. I personally usually carry at 3:00-3:30, but I do appendix carry from time to time. I also wear XL shirts to help conceal.